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Our Academics

Our desire is that our students are challenged and inspired to acquire the knowledge necessary to live God-filled lives.  Our teachers seek to give each student the guidance needed for their complete education.  


We aim to forge a love of the English language in each student while also teaching the fundamentals of reading, grammar, speaking and writing.   


Our Science curriculum is rigorous and challenging.  We teach Creation and other Biblical truths that may vary from mainstream Science.  


The students are taught music fundamentals and sight-singing starting in First Grade and advancing through Eighth Grade. 

History & Geography

History students take a walk through the annals of history while approaching it from a Christian viewpoint.  


Our Math teachers kindle a love of patterns, an enjoyment of numbers and the fun of logic while teaching core Mathematical concepts.


The Bible is the foundation from which all learning springs, so we teach fundamental Biblical truths from an Anabaptist perspective. 

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